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Braemar Estates – Property Management


We recently undertook the re-brand of Braemar Estates and created a solid brand story rooted in truth.

BE are a leading North West property management company.Their existing brand had been around for some time and they asked us to pitch to create a new brand for the business.

The Requirement

Strategically reposition the brand

Establish a cohesive communications strategy

Extend selling propositions for greater customer impact

Develop a strong logo

What We Did

Assessed the brand perception across employees, customers and competitors

Created new mission, vision and value statements to culturally realign the company

Developed a new brand identity, brand position and messaging

Launched a new website and implemented a new brand programme


The Solution

We began by assessing the existing brand, including conducting a competitive study and interviews where we spoke to both clients and employees to determine the internal and external perceptions of the company. The assessment revealed BE we’re great at what they do but none of their marketing mentioned this.

We developed the brand concept, “Broad Shoulders” to describe the firm’s “can do” attitude – they step up to the plate whenever the pressure is on and don’t hide behind red tape. We needed a strong concept to express this part of the business.

We also identified the 3 main audiences of the business and clearly identified these in our new messaging and website navigation so each audience had their own place online and within the brand strategy.

The Impact

Internally, the brand refresh successfully generated excitement among employees, giving them a sense of ownership in the organisation. The rebrand also improved retention rates, and the company culture quickly became a selling point for the firm when hiring.

In terms of external marketing, the company experienced improved online visibility with the development of its new website. We delivered an improved user experience, increased traffic and stronger visitor engagement behaviour.

Additionally, BE is engaging prospects with an improved market differentiated message and a cohesive value proposition, resulting in larger and longer project opportunities.


What they say

“The understanding of brand & web strategy Blaze had from the start of the project was evident. They conducted 4 staff workshops and client interviews to really get under the skin of the business and bottle us at our best, which in turn has created a unique position for the company internally and externally. They ran with the new identity and competently created & produced various material for the launch, which were all delivered on time. Their full team are a pleasure to work with and made the process very smooth.”

Braemar Estates